Leather golf shoes, handmade in Italy

For Her & For Him

All models are made with the finest Italian leathers and eco-materials, and are available with or without spikes, so that you can wear them on the golf course or at the club house! Choose your handmade leather golf shoes from the models below or customize them with IGolfItaly's Bespoke service.

"Handmade custom shoes – with expert construction, precise measurements, and quality materials – could solve problems like foot pain and quick deterioration. Buying high quality is a cost saver in the long run"

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Named after Earth, an element characterized by the traits of stability, realism and trustworthiness.


Named after Fire, an element characterized by the traits of enthusiasm, action and spirit.


Named after Water, an element characterized by the the traits of fluidity, sensitivity and intuition.


Named after Air, an element characterized by the traits of innovation, vision and curiosity.