All around the world, golf-related terms have not been translated into various languages but have remained in English. Golfers can travel pretty much anywhere and be able to play golf without major language setbacks. This is also the case in Italy.

Nevertheless, a better communication means less stress, less chances of misunderstandings and getting things done (playing golf) more quickly. And if you are a foreigner trying to speak Italian – even just using a couple of words you have learned or that you are trying to read from a vocabulary, chances are that your efforts will be rewarded with a warmer smile and perhaps even some extra attention/help.

For this reason, we have compiled a mini Italian golf dictionary so that you can have a look through the words that are still used in English and the ones that have an Italian translation. If you need any help on how to read simply Google “italian pronunciation” and you will find lots of tutorials.

English words used in Italian for….

Equipment: Driver, putter, pitching wedge, sand wedge, grip, tee, trolley, cart, spike
Score/Competition: Albatros, eagle, birdie, par, bogey, handicap, flight, starter, hole-in-one
Golf course: Bunker, fairway, green, rough, pitchmark, club house, caddie
Shots: Swing, drive,dogleg, draw, fade, pull, push, hook, slice

Italian golf words:

Bastone or Mazza (plural: Bastoni or Mazze)            Club(s)
Legno                                                                               Wood
Ferro                                                                                Iron
Pallina                                                                              Ball
Buca (plural: Buche)                                                      Hole(s)
Campo pratica                                                               Driving range
Campo da golf                                                               Golf course
Gettone (plural: Gettoni)                                              Token(s)
Gara                                                                                Competition, match
Sacca                                                                               Golf bag
Spogliatoio                                                                     Locker Room
Zolla                                                                                Divot
Erba                                                                                 Grass
Bandiera                                                                         Flag

Useful Italian sentences at a golf club:

Un green fee 18 (diciotto) buche           one 18-hole green fee
Un green fee 9 (nove) buche                  one 9-hole green fee
Un gettone per il campo pratica            one token for the driving range
Vorrei noleggiare un set di bastoni       I would like to rent a set of clubs
Dov’è la club house?                                Where is the club house?
Dove sono gli spogliatoi?                         Where are the locker rooms?
For a touch of courtesy, add “Per favore” (please) before or after each sentence

Other Italian golf sentences

Voglio giocare a golf                                 I want to play golf
Dov’è il campo da golf più vicino?         Where is the closest golf course?
Io amo il golf                                             I love golf

If you are curious to learn more Italian golf words or phrases that we have not included, feel free to leave a comment below!

And if you are traveling or planning to travel to Italy for a golf vacation, you can count on IGolfItaly’s local support services!