Finding frescoes that portray sports is not easy. It is even harder to find paintings about golf… but an Italian company -specialized in producing quality wall paintings and artistic interior decorations according to the ancient ‘fresco’ technique- has created a collection of golf-themed frescoes.

The golf art paintings do not show modern-day golfers, but fascinating scenes from the early 1920s, with golfers dressed in Scottish attire and noblemen participating in sports events.

Golf Art: fresco painting in Italy


The frescoes were created using a technique called “strappo”, which gives the work an aged look and a romantic touch. Even the colors are typical of the late 19th century, like the “sepia” or reddish-brown color that characterizes most portraits.

Would you decorate your house with a golf fresco painting on your walls?

Source for text and photos: Italian Frescos by Mariani Affreschi


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