Travel blog “” has published an article with three very good reasons why you should golf in Maremma, the beautiful and undiscovered area of southern Tuscany.

The article not only claims that Maremma is a great golfing destination, it also explains why it’s a fantastic choice even in the colder autumn and winter months.

In a nutshell, the reasons are:

  1. Weather
  2. Golf Course Choices
  3. Being an Authentic Traveler
3 reasons why you should golf in Maremma Tuscany

The beautiful courses of Maremma. Image from

Excerpt from the article  “3 reasons to golf in Maremma Tuscany”:

“Are you a golfer looking for some new, exciting golf destination? Perhaps somewhere that allows you to enjoy this sport even in the European off-peak, colder season between October and March? Here are 3 reasons why Maremma is the perfect spot for autumn and winter golfing in Italy!

1. Weather

  • The southern coast of Tuscany attracts Italian golfers all year round thanks to its mild temperatures and sunny weather. In particular, the area around Monte Argentario has its own microclimate, meaning golf is possible 365 days a year thanks to the surrounding hills, the Orbetello Lagoon (a WWF-managed nature reserve) and the Tyrrhenian Sea.
  • An increasing number of golfers from northern Europe flock here to escape from the inclement winter weather conditions at home, preferring the charms and fame of Tuscany to other destinations like Spain and Turkey.

2. Many golf choices

  • Maremma has 4 golf courses: Argentario Golf Club, Saturnia Golf Club, Toscana Golf Club and Punta Ala Golf Club. For an ideal golfing vacation…

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