Italian custom golf shoes

Quality, looks, exclusivity, durability, comfort 

– guaranteed by IGolfItaly

IGolfItaly works with Italian artisan shoemakers who dedicate their passion and time to the pursuit of excellence. When it comes to golfing, our partner shoemakers are also one step ahead: they are golf players themselves, and they combine their expertise and creativity with the development of innovative technology for custom golf shoes.

This means that you –the discerning golfer who appreciates quality, aesthetics, comfort as well as culture and tradition– can enjoy…

  • Unique golf shoes. IGolfItaly shoes are strictly hand made. No other shoe like yours will ever exist. Elegance without equals.
  • Made in Italy quality & looks. Italian shoemakers are renowned for their impeccable creations. IGolfItaly shoes come to life in the Marche region, Italy’s heart when it comes to footwear production. Local artisanship and shoe tradition match no other, in Italy or abroad.
  • Fashion icon status. Italian shoemakers excel at interpreting the market’s needs and desires, and are able to anticipate and shape fashion trends. No matter what kind of IGolfItaly shoe styles you choose, they will not go unnoticed in the club house and on the golf course.
  • Comfort & performance. A golf player who also designs and manually crafts golf shoes knows how to get it right. The most refined leathers are combined with special eco-materials to make your shoes light, waterproof and durable. Tested and approved by many professional golfers.